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Mercury Orbit Music is the first every super intelligence-driven music ecosystem which embraces a diverse music industry supply chain, from the way how we create music contents to the way how we integrate to the industry supply chain. These multiple perspectives will lead the way to have a direct effect on the general audiences eventually. Deriving from super intelligence and simulation theory, we venture out a niche direction of developing a comprehensive state-of-art artificial intelligence infrastructure. By embarking a novel methodological framework with sophisticated approaches, we break through a sense of technological singularity where we can increase the intuitive and infinite nature of AI, enhancing a touch of first-person consciousness and intuition by human-machine interactions to usher the next era of hyper-intuitive simulation. 

To tackle the grand challenges in the music industry, embroiling the capability to pursue creativity, described as one of the most distinguished possessions that the only human has, the capability that involves the ability of constructive imagination, dreaming and abstraction, in conjunction with knowledge and experience basis. Our team is committed to developing a high-conceptual cutting edge AI system, in which we implement a philosophical, and ideological structure into a scientifical innovation scheme by carrying out our disruptive energy to flip the script of the music industry. This ecosystem will be applied in the soundtrack sector first, then strategically overspread other areas in the music industry.

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